About Us

Bright Life International School is one of the most outstanding reputable Schools in Riyadh.  We belive that “A Quality education for you and me, a better world it will be”. And due to this our modern academic standards are designed to provide a clear path for students to gain the proficiency that is required to step forward to the future.
Our staff is integral to the outstanding academic and personal support received by the students at our school. They are carefully elected to submit the mental needs of our students and lead them smoothly through the process of education which fully accomplishes our mission.
Activities are part from our educational vision. Students have the right to safely explore and enhance their character through well planned activities guided by our teachers.

We have an interactive website and Face book page that help students, teachers and parents to interact together. Parents will have the opportunity to see their kids practicing activities in the videos that we purplish regularly.

Our success was a result of the constant encouragement and cooperation with the dear parents of our students. We are looking forward more. Thank you for being partners in success.

After being one of the most important reputable schools in Riyadh, we were honored to have so many admitted students to the extent that we have a new expansion in our building. Thank you for the precious trust.

Due to all the efforts gratefully mentioned above, we successfully passed the test of the American committees and got the Accreditation (ADVANCED).
We are revolutionary developing all the aspects of our school to make sure we are on the right track of success.

Our Mission

Bright Life International School’s mission is to create and maintain an environment that ensures high level of individual, academic, and vocational achievement in such a rapidly changing world.

Our Vision

Implementing the best academic practices with due care to the drastic changes in a world only celebrating the critical thinkers.